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Lot 1
Animal themed Danbury mint sectional display
Guide: £18-30
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Lot 2
Bird themed Danbury mint sectional display
Guide: £18-30
Lot 3
Vintage 36 piece china tea set
Guide: £20-40
Lot 4
Jack Nicolson Joker copy statue from unused scene from 1989 Batman movie with 3 pages from Cinetropolis with details
Guide: £450-650
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Lot 5
Star wars 'The Last Jedi' actual Dryden's space ship tile from stage S before demolished with supporting photos from set of Pinewood Studios. Further provenance available on request
Guide: £220-280
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Lot 5.1
Piece of sculptured rockface from 'The Last Jedi' Star Wars set (The Paddock) with Stalagtites from archway during scene the Princess is under fire running towards the Falcon
Guide: £850-1250
Lot 5.2
Piece of sculptured rock from set (Stage E) of 'The Last Jedi' with supporting photograph. Further provenance available on request
Guide: £800-900
Lot 6
Victorian mountable iron lamp casing
Guide: £80-120
Lot 7
Moorcroft vase in pink flower design
Guide: £30-50
Lot 8
F Winkle Whieldon ware baby plate
Guide: £10-20
Lot 8.1
Triple spirit bottle set in fitted leather case
Guide: £20-40
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Lot 8.2
Case of 12 Sandeman 1960 vintage port bottles. Many suffering leakage, some almost empty
Guide: £100-150
Lot 9
Stanley of London sextant
Guide: £75-145
Lot 10
Two Limoges Dubarry butterfly decorated ashtrays
Guide: £25-55
Lot 11
Hand carved Angel
Guide: £10-15
Lot 12
Hand made ornamental rocking horse
Guide: £18-25
Lot 13
Early 20th century bronze group of a stork, snake and turtle
Guide: £20-40
Lot 14
Cottageware teaset
Guide: £45-75
Lot 15
Sleeping cherub in silvered cone (as new)
Guide: £10-20
Lot 16
Hand made ornamental rocking horse
Guide: £18-30
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Lot 17
Glitter Christmas tree with in-built LED lights
Guide: £45-65
Lot 18
Bronzed woodpecker bookends
Guide: £20-60
Lot 19
Vintage Coronet camera
Guide: £15-25
Lot 20
Pair of Wally dogs
Guide: £20-30
Lot 21
Le Cruset 3 pan set
Guide: £30-50
Lot 22
2 Bronzed dove models
Guide: £10-20
Lot 23
White rearing unicorn (as new)
Guide: £50-70
Lot 24
Coalport figure 'Louisa at Ascot' part of Golden age series
Guide: £15-25
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Lot 25
Mixed box of collectable animal ornaments to include Beswick cow etc
Guide: £20-40
Lot 26
A pair of cloisonne vases
Guide: £18-28
Lot 27
China model of a Daschand
Guide: £10-15
Lot 28
2 Polished bronze dove models
Guide: £15-25
Lot 29
The Enchanted dragon on a stand
Guide: £25-45
Lot 30
A pair of looking glass dragons
Guide: £20-40
Lot 31
Flow blue Losol Beaufort 4 piece china dressing set
Guide: £20-30
Lot 32
Indian made distress painted Metal Santa
Guide: £70-125
Lot 33
Art Nouveau 'Liberty' style inkstand
Guide: £60-90
Lot 34
Badger felting kit
Guide: £10-20
Lot 35
Quantity of EP ware to include jug, tray etc
Guide: £35-50
Lot 36
Handpainted Indian canvas
Guide: £5-10
Lot 37
Ganesh wall hanging
Guide: £20-30
Lot 38
History of Peebleshire by William Chambers [ William Chambers of Glenormiston]
Guide: £60 - 90
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Lot 39
Two 19th century Wally dogs
Guide: £25-45
Lot 40
Vintage dousing pistol by 'Cooper'
Guide: £20-40
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Lot 41
Ares Wird von Flora Austrian bon bon dish
Guide: £10-20
Lot 42
Box of railway track and accessories
Guide: £20-30
Lot 43
Selection of books to include volumes of Charles Dickens, historical interest ect
Guide: £10-20
Lot 44
4 ceramic ducks 1 Beswick (2 with visible repairs)
Guide: £20-40
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Lot 45
Selection of five matching design Ainsley china to include a bud vase and a trinket box
Guide: £20-40
Lot 46
Distress painted pine cone Christmas tree
Guide: £45-80
Lot 47
Edwardian oak biscuit barrel with ceramic liner
Guide: £10-20
Lot 48
French style ormulu mantle clock
Guide: £10-20
Lot 49
Framed map of Scotland [45x60]cm approx
Guide: £5-10
Lot 50
Carona half size travel ? typewriter
Guide: £80-120
Lot 51
24ct gold lined cup and a cranberry glass and gilded goblet
Guide: £5-10
Lot 52
Late 19th Century gilt French mantle clock
Guide: £25-65
Lot 53
Small tortoishell jewelellery box and a onynz lidded box with gilded edging
Guide: £10-15
Lot 54
Black and white Willow patterned dolls tea set in box
Guide: £10-20
Lot 55
Square metal lantern - Blue
Guide: £20-30
Lot 56
Square metal lantern - Green
Guide: £20-30
Lot 57
Square metal lantern - Green (missing glass)
Guide: £10-20
Lot 58
Set of scales with weighing pans
Guide: £30-50
Lot 59
Vintage car horn
Guide: £15-25
Lot 60
Arts and crafts two door laquered cabinet
Guide: £85-155
Lot 61
Russian cermaic tiger model
Guide: £20-40
Lot 62
Ceramic clock and garniture set with classical scenes
Guide: £50-90
Lot 63
Dolls house
Guide: £25-45
Lot 64
Two bird models
Guide: £5-10
Lot 65
Cold cast bronze of a cat with a ball
Guide: £10-20
Lot 65.1
Vintage oak cased till
Guide: £30-50
Lot 65.2
Cast iron 'Uncle Sam' door stop
Guide: £20-30
Lot 65.3
Cast iron 'Eagle' door stop
Guide: £20-30
Lot 65.4
Cast iron 'Horse Race' money bank
Guide: £50-70
Lot 65.5
Cast iron 'Full Service' money bank
Guide: £40-60
Lot 65.6
Cast iron 'Mr Peanut' money bank
Guide: £30-50
Lot 65.7
Cast iron 'Show Jumper' money bank
Guide: £40-60
Lot 65.8
Cast iron 'Thrifty' pig money bank
Guide: £30-50
Lot 65.9
Cast iron 'Trick dog' money bank
Guide: £40-60
Lot 66
Locke &Co, Worcester, reticulated vase
Guide: £20-30
Lot 66.1
Cast iron 'Uncle Sam' money bank
Guide: £30-50
Lot 66.2
Cast iron 'Mr Peanut' change dish
Guide: £20-30
Lot 66.3
Cast iron 'Rain king' sprinkler
Guide: £15-25
Lot 66.4
Cast iron 'Frog' sprinkler
Guide: £15-25
Lot 67
Chesterfield Red buttonback wing armchair and matching stool
Guide: £190-290
Lot 68
Fireside dogs A5180 Cavalier King Charles tricolour by Border Fine Arts
Guide: £15-30
Lot 69
Chancellor of the Exchequer toby jug with top hat lid
Guide: £15-25
Lot 70
French letter rack, Edwardian crystal inkwell and a protractor set and a evening bag and a paperweight
Guide: £20-30
Lot 71
4 NAO figures
Guide: £20-40
Lot 72
Romanesque goddes bust 2ft high
Guide: £30-60
Lot 73
Pair of 'Beldray' of Birmingham art Nouveau metal vases
Guide: £15-30
Lot 74
PMC wooden Indian banjo
Guide: £50-75
Lot 75
Pair of alabaster Art Deco bookends
Guide: £10-30
Lot 76
Indonesian boot lamp
Guide: £40-80
Lot 77
Hammersley Petit Fleurs coffee set and Royal Vale teaset
Guide: £55-85
Lot 78
Vintage brass planter early 20th century
Guide: £10-15
Lot 79
Pair of Helena Wolfsohn decorated pots with lids A/F
Guide: £80-120
Lot 80
Majolica style glug jug
Guide: £60-90
Lot 81
Set of 4 terricota German tealights as ceramic buildings
Guide: £45-65
Lot 82
Oriental lantern
Guide: £28-58
Lot 83
Framed ceramic tile of lillies
Guide: £5-10
Lot 84
Ampieware lustre model of a salmon
Guide: £5-10
Lot 85
Eastern Kayam large wool rug [8ft x 14ft approx]
Guide: £70-120
Lot 86
Made locally, fabulous quality newly hand carved 'Black Beauty' rocking horse with local hornbeam stand, real leather saddle and bridle,and horse hair mane and tail
Guide: £1350-1650
Lot 87
Framed Jack Morrocco DA acyrlic on board titled ' Light and shade' [8"x8"]
Guide: £950-1950
Lot 88
Mother of pearl inlaid box with 3 pen/fruit knives
Guide: £10-15
Lot 89
Bespoke local Beech handmade large dining table with matching beech benches
Guide: £400-500
Lot 90
Beswick figure Mrs Tittlemouse
Guide: £5-10
Lot 91
Selection of 3 Mdina glass paperweights
Guide: £15-20
Lot 92
Circa 1960's large rocking horse
Guide: £80-180
Lot 93
Adams style sideboard
Guide: £30-50
Lot 94
Large bottle containing marbles and 1 smaller one
Guide: £20-30
Lot 95
'Guiness is good for you ' metal advertisment
Guide: £10-20
Lot 96
Mixed lot to include paper mache cups and saucers, china, bric a brac and Shelley biscuit barrell
Guide: £10-20
Lot 97
Sornford & Co jug
Guide: £25-45
More pictures
Lot 98
Masonic apron in case
Guide: £10-20
Lot 99
Substantial Wooden sculpture on base
Guide: £100-150
Lot 100
Savoy dinner service with gilt decoration
Guide: £65-95
Lot 101
Collection of decorative ceramics to include jug and basin etc
Guide: £30-50
Lot 102
Vintage call exchange telephone
Guide: £45-65
Lot 103
Selection of 3 paperweights
Guide: £10-20
Lot 104
Ptolemic coin
Guide: £15-45
More pictures
Lot 105
3 pocket watches, 1 hallmarked Chester, 1 London and 1 'Fine silver'
Guide: £35-85
More pictures
Lot 106
Carved jet cameo tie pin and a pendant
Guide: £25-55
Lot 107
Tray of costume jewellery including brooches, rings etc
Guide: £10-20
Lot 108
Boxed Peter England gents watch
Guide: £5-10
Lot 109
2 pages to include 2 sketches and letter by Alberto Morrocco (OBE RSA RSW 1917-1998) [25x20]cm
Guide: £90-160
Lot 110
Victorian amethyst and pearl oval brooch and other various items of jewellery
Guide: £40-80
Lot 111
3 rings to include hallmarked Chester gold band with central diamond. Size P, stamped 18 and 2 other rings. Gross weight: 5.3g
Guide: £70-120
More pictures
Lot 112
4 Silver rings and a tartan ware penknife
Guide: £10-15
Lot 113
Silver cruet set
Guide: £10-15
Lot 114
Masonic gent ring [sizez, yellow metal ]
Guide: £20-40
Lot 115
Scottish pebble brooch
Guide: £25-45
Lot 116
Two silver brooches to include spinning wheel and a Viking boat
Guide: £25-45
Lot 117
Butterfly wing and silver pendant
Guide: £15-20
Lot 118
Silver plated circular tray, water pot and plated caddy spoon
Guide: £15-25
Lot 119
Collection of postcards and maps
Guide: £15-25
Lot 120
Nao dog model
Guide: £20-40
Lot 121
Hat inkwell, ashtray and miniature cauldron
Guide: £45-100
Lot 122
Carved wood smokers cabinet
Guide: £85-125
More pictures
Lot 123
Three large china figures
Guide: £45-75
Lot 124
Pair large china figures
Guide: £25-45
Lot 125
Lorna Bailey Guiness advertising pelican
Guide: £20-30
Lot 126
Royal Doulton Barn owl whisky decanter (empty)
Guide: £15-25
Lot 127
Boxed set of original editon Beatrix Potter books 1-12
Guide: £10-20
Lot 128
Two Borders Fine Arts wall plaques 'This is Moppet' and 'Hunca Munca and babies'
Guide: £10-20
Lot 129
Royal Doulton 'WP13' 'Piglet picking violets' with original box
Guide: £10-15
Lot 130
Royal Doulton 'WP14' Eeyores birthday' figure with original box
Guide: £15-20
Lot 131
Wade snowmen salt and pepper
Guide: £8-12
Lot 132
Silver ingot pendant, Luckenbooth brooch, pendant and ring cross pendant
Guide: £20-40
Lot 133
Moorcroft vase in Art Noveau design
Guide: £25-40
Lot 133.1
Moorcroft Orchid pattern vase in ground yellow colour
Guide: £80-120
More pictures
Lot 134
Border fine art Winnie the Pooh money box 'AL362'
Guide: £10-15
Lot 135
White gold ladies wedding ring stamped 14k
Guide: £60-80
More pictures
Lot 136
Model of 4 wise monkeys
Guide: £8-12
Lot 137
Yellow metal bar brooch with blue centre stone. Stamped 9ct to back total weight: 2.7g
Guide: £20-40
More pictures
Lot 138
3 dragon models 1 by Regency fine arts
Guide: £8-12
Lot 139
Gilt framed vintage print of jockeys
Guide: £60-100
Lot 140
Limoges tureen on stand
Guide: £25-45
Lot 141
Three cinema interest print to include 1 of James Bond and 2 others
Guide: £50-80
Lot 142
Framed 'The canal' print and one other
Guide: £8-10
Lot 143
Cased set of fish knives and forks
Guide: £15-25
Lot 144
Miniature childs teaset
Guide: £15-25
Lot 145
Guide: £10-15
Lot 146
Selection of Lillieput and other models
Guide: £10-20
Lot 147
Selection of 'Wee Red books' in vintage tin
Guide: £25-45
Lot 148
Steward Barley football jugs and pub advertising jugs
Guide: £20-40
Lot 149
Glass and brass chandelier
Guide: £5-8
Lot 150
Two fishing prints
Guide: £30-70
Lot 151
W.Wood & co salad bowl and servers circa 1915-32
Guide: £10-20
Lot 152
Quantity of collectors plates
Guide: £5-10
Lot 153
Brass samovar and 6 brass tankards
Guide: £20-30
Lot 154
Collection of brass to include figurine, chestnut roaster, vase etc
Guide: £10-20
Lot 155
Brass clock
Guide: £15-25
Lot 156
Two framed prints of geese
Guide: £10-20
Lot 157
Denby dinner service
Guide: £75-125
Lot 158
Four oil paintings signed 'Patricia'
Guide: £10-15
Lot 159
Framed watercolour of a yacht at sea by J O'Neill
Guide: £25-45
Lot 159.1
A mid 19th century oil on canvas of 'View of a Dutch Quayside' [12x17]cm
Guide: £70-90
Lot 160
Large Quantity of brass ware to include candlesticks, horse brasses, minature bedpan etc
Guide: £20-40
Lot 161
Framed oil of flowers signed Kim Redpath (Borders artist, nephew of well known Scottish artish Anne Redpath)
Guide: £40-80
Lot 162
Framed print of Queensferry crossing with Forth road bridge in background 110cm x 93cm
Guide: £180-220
Lot 163
Tiffany style light shade
Guide: £5-10
Lot 164
2 drawer grey metal filing cabinet
Guide: £5-10
Lot 165
Miniature 'British Legion' tankard, miniature photograph of a lady and a silver spoon
Guide: £10-20
Lot 166
'Eton' patterned salad bowl, stoneware jug and a hot water bottle
Guide: £5-10
Lot 167
Miniature Royal Worcester vase and flatback figure group
Guide: £10-20
Lot 167.1
Pair of 20th century Chinese stone ware figures of Shou Lao holding a fan and a branch
Guide: £40-60
Lot 167.2
Modern Chinese decorative domed jar and cover, decorated with flowers and scrolling folliage. H: 44cm
Guide: £50-70
Lot 168
Ceramic shire horse
Guide: £10-20
Lot 169
Milk glass vase approx 32cm tall
Guide: £5-10
Lot 170
Three boxes of vintage cutlery to include Atkinson Bros etc
Guide: £10-20
Lot 171
Skull handled walking stick
Guide: £10-20
More pictures
Lot 172
Pair of 'Wade' bear bookends
Guide: £5-10
Lot 173
Floral decorated Bavarian teaset
Guide: £20-30
Lot 174
Lorna Bailey figurine 'Growler the Cat'
Guide: £20-30
Lot 175
Selection of brassware to include 3 pairs of candlesticks, pair of vases etc
Guide: £10-20
Lot 176
Three vintage advertising bottle openers including Vimto
Guide: £15-25
Lot 177
Cast iron Michelin man on motorcycle
Guide: £30-40
Lot 178
Pair of 19th century hunting prints 'The Death' and 'Breaking cover'
Guide: £30-50
Lot 179
Tin plate sign of Golden Shred
Guide: £15-25
Lot 180
Framed acrylic by G A Morris titled 'Electra' signed and dated 90' [45x50]cm
Guide: £55-95
Lot 181
Framed pastel drawing of river scene by Karen Hadjitofi (Glasgow school of Art)
Guide: £60-90
Lot 182
Fazer upright piano
Guide: £70-120
Lot 183
Hemselite size 1 bowls in bag
Guide: £15-25
Lot 184
Maws tile picture of Marie Lloyd
Guide: £12-20
Lot 185
Brass ware to include bells, animal models and oil lamp
Guide: £15-25
Lot 186
LNER London and North Eastern Railway trespassers sign [67cmx43cm]
Guide: £120-150
Lot 187
Large Framed poster print of 'LMS Scot passes Scot' 100cm x 70cm
Guide: £50-80
Lot 188
Modern take on a vintage style French telephone
Guide: £25-75
Lot 189
Framed Oriental inspired river scene
Guide: £15-25
Lot 190
Pair of glass jar lanterns with ribbons and candles
Guide: £25-35
Lot 191
Matchbox motorway scalextrics
Guide: £15-25
Lot 192
Grey stone Buddha
Guide: £25-45
Lot 193
Hexagonal lantern
Guide: £20-30
Lot 194
Metal Christmas tree
Guide: £20-30
Lot 195
Framed pastel still life [approx 70x60]cm
Guide: £10-15
Lot 196
Framed Sandingham Scott boating print
Guide: £5-10
Lot 197
Art Deco style English calender on onyx base
Guide: £10-15
Lot 198
Cut crystal bottle with stopper
Guide: £10-15
Lot 199
Rosenthal coffee set
Guide: £20-30
Lot 200
Twin handled tray with four Edinburgh scene coloured engravings
Guide: £10-20
Lot 201
Royal Doulton 'Blackberry design comporte circca 1915-1920's
Guide: £20-30
Lot 202
Green lidded enamelled bread bin
Guide: £35-55
Lot 203
Hammersley part teaset
Guide: £15-25
Lot 204
Small collection of oriental ware
Guide: £15-25
Lot 205
Large enamelled bin
Guide: £30-55
Lot 206
Pair of distrerss painted candlesticks approx 3 1/2 ft tall
Guide: £20-30
Lot 207
Pair of book themed bookends
Guide: £10-20
Lot 208
Art Deco style figure
Guide: £15-25
Lot 209
2 motor related canvas prints
Guide: £10-20
Lot 210
Pair of Sterling silver stamped candlesticks
Guide: £40-90
More pictures
Lot 211
Edwardian gilt pier mirror
Guide: £20-40
Lot 212
Kynox off shorre boots size 7 RRP £80
Guide: £40-60
Lot 213
Kynox off shorre boots size 6 RRP £80
Guide: £40-60
Lot 214
Slyvac model of a cat
Guide: £8-12
Lot 215
'Greenham grenadiers' ankle work boots size 7
Guide: £10-15
Lot 216
'Absolute blue' work safety boots size 7 RRP £90
Guide: £40-60
Lot 217
Moores style vase [2 cherubs]
Guide: £25-45
Lot 218
Framed watercolour titled 'Summer Flowers' by Euphen Alexander
Guide: £25-45
Lot 219
Buddha statue of 'Guan Yin'
Guide: £20-30
Lot 220
French Art Deco Dolphin bookends
Guide: £25-30
Lot 221
Carved wood rocker pig
Guide: £10-15
Lot 222
Pair of figurative lamps of women reading
Guide: £35-50
Lot 223
Wrought iron 'Triumph' motorcycle plaque
Guide: £8-12
Lot 224
L S Lowry print 'Canal Bridge'
Guide: £20-40
Lot 225
China tea cup trio (cup, saucer and plate) candle
Guide: £10-20
Lot 226
Mixed lot of china to include Orchard gold bud vase etc
Guide: £10-15
Lot 227
Framed 'Faircycle' advert
Guide: £10-15
Lot 228
Framed 'Old Dutch 'cleaner advert
Guide: £15-25
Lot 229
Cut edged wooden framed mirror
Guide: £10-20
Lot 230
Metal copper effect oval mirror
Guide: £10-15
Lot 231
Print of a woman on a beach in Russell Flint style
Guide: £20-40
Lot 232
Windsor 6 cup tea service (pattern 1509) (some damage)
Guide: £10-20
Lot 233
Eastern brass model of heron on a turtles back
Guide: £70-120
Lot 234
Wooden pot
Guide: £10-20
Lot 235
Pair ornate gilt bookends
Guide: £20-40
Lot 236
Christmas vintage William Youngers advertising picture
Guide: £15-35
Lot 237
Framed Robert Burns 'Depute Masters' Torbolton Kilwinning and St James, no 135 print [40cm x 34cm approx]
Guide: £10-20
Lot 238
2 Quality framed prints of Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence
Guide: £40-60
Lot 239
2 Eve Coote framed circular floral paintings [ gouaches]
Guide: £20-30
Lot 240
Rugby items. Scotland mens socks, Edinburgh baseball cap and gym bag
Guide: £15-25
Lot 241
Box of Christmas tableware
Guide: £5-10
Lot 242
Mixed box of christmas related items to include tinsel, fairy, pair snowmen candle holders etc
Guide: £10-15
Lot 243
Eve Coote original Robin scene[ gouache] 12in x 10in approx
Guide: £10-15
Lot 244
Four coloured prints of Edinburgh scenes [largest 28x22cm]
Guide: £20-60
Lot 245
Jardinere filled with cutlery, EP teapot, pierced fruit bowl etc
Guide: £5-10
Lot 246
Eve Coote original Robin scene [ gouache]12in x 16in approx
Guide: £15-20
Lot 247
Margaret Walty finely painted Christmas scene of the 3 Wise Men [12inx10in]
Guide: £20-30
Lot 248
Great quality early 20th century lidded brass coal bucket with brass liner, and lion shaped feet
Guide: £60-80
Lot 249
Vintage wooden rocking cradle with bedding [ in immaculate condition ]
Guide: £20-30