Text catalogue for our 26th August 2017

Pictured catalogue

Lot 1: 2 stylish bar stools. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 2: Large urn vase. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 3: 8 cup Sutherland teaset approx 34 pieces. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 4: 6 cup Adam's coffee set in Brown Shamrock design. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 5: Thimble stand, cover and collection of thimbles. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 6: Gillette vintage bakelite razor set and boxed Remington Super 60 deluxe electric shaver. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 7: Pair of African hardwood ebony carvings of a tribal style male & a female & letter opener. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 8: Pair of quality elephant bookends. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 9: Mahogany vintage trinket box. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 10: Large treen cased 'Emperor' chiming mantle clock. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 11: Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh character figurine 'Winnie the Pooh in the armchair' model WP4. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 12: Selection of 3 miniature Japanese and Indian style vases to include pair of Japanese bronzed decorated with birds other with flowers and elephant handled bronze vase. Guide: 40-50View image

Lot 13: Moorcroft vase in Trefoil design advertised on Moorcroft site at £222 Height:21cm. Guide: 80-120View image

Lot 14: Stunning Japanese carved armchair. Guide: 400-450View image

Lot 15: Original Wakefield Castro Motor Oill enamelled metal sign. Guide: 130-230View image

Lot 16: Vintage original Mobil oil metal sign. Guide: 30-70View image

Lot 17: Vintage original Redex garage metal sign. Guide: 30-70View image

Lot 18: Large Blue studio pottery vase. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 19: Art Deco Laing of Glasgow 8 day Swiss made desk clock. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 20: Set of 3 vintage copper saucepans. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 21: G-plan style Nathans 1970's retro corner unit. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 22: 2 Leather handbags with metal clasps. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 23: Queen Anne 'Old Country spray' design teaset approx 12 cups. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 24: "Hac" 14 day strike mantle clock in a light oak case. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 25: Large Chinese charger. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 26: Complete bronzeware canteen of cutlery. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 27: 2 stamp albums (mixed collection). Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 28: Pair of wally dogs. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 29: Dragon "heavy base" metal lamp with shade. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 30: Quality Mahogany abalone inlaid box. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 31: Small Royal Bayreuth vase with hallmarked London silver rim. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 32: Set of 5 French copper saucepans. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 33: Selection of EP ware etc.. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 34: Alabaster figure bust Grecian style. Guide: 20-25View image

Lot 35: Antique 'Knight' door knocker. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 36: 2 framed Chinese silk paintings of a procession. Guide: 20-50View image

Lot 37: Philco vintage teak triple speaker record player. Guide: 60-90View image

Lot 38: Woodcut of Winston Churchill. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 39: Attractive brass fire screen with musical theme. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 40: Mahogany Victorian style wall display cabinet. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 41: French Victorian gilt clock timepiece under a glass dome. Guide: 85-125View image

Lot 42: Grandfather clock by Robert Rodgers of Bristol with a brass 12 inch square dial c1790 (Fully restored 12 months ago). Guide: 380-450View image

Lot 43: Bronzed dog figurine. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 44: Bespoke Art Designer Caribbean-made metal folding room screen. Guide: 195-235View image

Lot 45: 'Peebles & District Vintage Motor Club' car badge & 'Ford' amperes meter. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 46: Marjory Gibb, Lobster Fisherman- Outer Hebridies, signed watercolour, 18cm x 26cm. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 47: Brass minature lamp, pewter ink pot & 'John Hush, Eastgate Peebles' whisky bottle & another. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 48: Solimene Italian part dinner service. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 50: Framed watercolour 'The river Tweed near Stobo' by Joseph Maxwell Stuart [31x47]cm. Guide: 210-280View image

Lot 51: Ceramic elephant stool. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 52: Fisher Price Jack-in-the-box. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 53: Royal Albert Safari teaset. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 54: Edwardian bergere armchair. Guide: 60-80View image

Lot 55: View from a window, watercolour, unsigned. Guide: 60-80View image

Lot 56: French Moules pot and matching recipe plate. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 57: 6 French red soup bowls. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 58: Set of 5 French copper saucepans. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 59: 3 Egyptian figurines very heavy. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 60: Bankers style desk lamp. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 61: 2 Pieces of Maling ' Peony Rose' ware. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 62: Novelty 'Price of Kensington' teapot, sugar and milk. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 63: Victorian Hammersley blue and gilt design 21 piece tea set. Guide: 215-315View image

Lot 64: 6 Piece gilt metal c1950's dressing table set with Oriental design. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 65: Opium smoking set in a lacquered box [c1890's]. Guide: 60-80View image

Lot 66: Crested twin handled urn with horse head finial. Guide: 65-125View image

Lot 67: Thos Marshall of Motherwell Grandfather clock with date and second dials and painted figures face with oak long case. Guide: 230-260View image

Lot 68: Gilded figurine on marble base. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 69: Early Victorian grandfather clock. Guide: 170-200View image

Lot 70: Gilt framed overmantle mirror. Guide: 65-95View image

Lot 70.1: Victorian parlour couch. Guide: 120-160View image

Lot 70.2: Edwardian chaise longue. Guide: 90-120View image

Lot 71: Vintage brass fire irons and dogs. Guide: 75-105View image

Lot 72: Ships rule in case. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 73: Vintage Tri-ang bike (collectable). Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 74: Framed wine display. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 75: Three Masonic aprons. Guide: 30-60View image

Lot 76: Moira Beaty, Old Women-Sarajevo, signed oil on paper, Open Eye Gallery label verso, 20cm x 14cm. Guide: 65-85View image

Lot 77: Stafford Morten leprechaun on rabbit model. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 78: Paragon dinner service. Guide: 38-58View image

Lot 79: Mixed selection to include inkwell, coat of arms, set of scales etc. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 80: Boxed Caithness paperweight. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 81: Rare vintage motorcycle glasses. Guide: 65-95View image

Lot 82: Mahogany and inlaid eight piece parlour suite comprising sofa, two armchairs and four chairs. Guide: 240-440View image

Lot 83: Shelley bowl and Carltonware leaf dish. Guide: 40-50View image

Lot 84: Painted Oriental scroll. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 85: Mickey Mouse volume 1 to 15. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 86: 3/4 size violin in case with bow. Guide: 35-50View image

Lot 87: Hall console table with Queen Anne style legs. Guide: 35-45View image

Lot 88: Brass style lantern clock. Guide: 38-48View image

Lot 89: Bottle containing marbles. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 90: Susie Cooper coffee set. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 91: German mahogany late 19th century wall clock with white enamel dial. Guide: 75-125View image

Lot 92: Box of metal ware. Guide: 20-25View image

Lot 93: 1960's Part Abstract Dinner Service. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 94: American mahogony mantle steeple clock. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 95: Aynsley teaset, Royal Doulton fresh flowers part teaset etc. Guide: 28-38View image

Lot 96: 2 copper grain measures. Guide: 28-48View image

Lot 97: Royal Albert 'Masquerade' tea set. Guide: 50-90View image

Lot 98: Quality Theatrical Replica Medieval Helmet and Gauntlets. Guide: 75-155View image

Lot 99: Collection of masks. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 100: Heathcote part tea service. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 101: Brass stick stand with selection of walking sticks. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 102: Wicker picnic hamper and contents. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 103: Inlaid wooden musical cigarette box and mural tray. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 104: Mixed lot of china to include Buchan bowl, Poole bowl, Jasperware vase and a designer Swedish dish. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 105: Selection of cut glass decanters and scent bottle. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 106: Framed pastel by 'Alexander Cree' titled 'The Composer' with Open Eye gallery label verso [8x9]cm. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 107: 2 framed pictures on linen to include Jacqueline field 'Indigo bird' [27x27]cm and another of a bicycle. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 108: In the style of an 1850's 'Pattern Cavalry Sword' with scabbard as used in the charge of the Light Brigade. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 109: 3 American regiment prints. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 110: Mixed box of Antique prints to include Sunderland, Rouen, Berwick and 'Owling' scene. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 111: Collection of 78's records. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 112: Storage box wth pullout drawer. View image

Lot 113: Tri folding gilt dressing table mirror and framed picture. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 114: Gilt framed print of flying ducks 'Widgein flight along coast' by Philip Rickman. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 115: 3 cut glass decanters. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 116: Vintage Postcard album (x2). Guide: 75-95View image

Lot 117: Silver napkin rings & set of 4 Indian white metal napkin rings. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 118: Victorian Silver and mother of pearl rattle. Guide: 75-95View image

Lot 119: Brass spider and cased set of EPNS teaspoons. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 120: 19th century flintlock pistol and a pistol case. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 121: 2 vesta holders, cigarette cases and ER II tin. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 122: Pair of antique dumbells. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 123: Mixed lot to include Kit Kat tin, costume jewellery and vintage headphones. Guide: 8-15View image

Lot 125: Sunning quality Red based Afghan patterned rug 11' x 8' (cost new £1800). Guide: 250-400View image

Lot 126: Pierced Birmingham silver dish weight: 96.5. Guide: 80-140View image

Lot 127: Rare highest quality 'T Chapman of Glasgow' pocket barometer and compass dated 1869. Guide: 190-290View image

Lot 128: Cream based rug with red triangular border 8 x 11. Guide: 150-180View image

Lot 129: Selection high quality of floral curtains. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 130: 4 table cloths mainly heavy fabric. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 131: Cream based rug with red triangular border 8 x 11. Guide: 150-180View image

Lot 132: Blue based pattern rug with red border. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 133: Smaller set of heavy fabric curtains from alcove windows measuring [4.3x2.4]m. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 134: Smaller set of quality heavy fabric curtains from windows measuring [183x333]cm. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 135: Box of antique scenes of Edinburgh. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 136: George III 1818 Silver Crown. Guide: 70-120View image

Lot 137: Hall runner. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 138: Imperial airways advertising poster. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 139: Framed LNER Edinburgh LMS poster print. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 140: The Forth bridge railways advertising poster print 'London and North Eastern railway. Guide: 55-85View image

Lot 141: British Railways Forth rail bridge 'Scotland for your holidays' framed poster. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 142: Selection of vintage cameras to include Leica DBP No 955214 - camera Wltzlar Germany (rare colletors piece), Kodak lustamatic 404 camera, Olympus AF-10 super and a Canon sure shot AF-7. View image

Lot 143: Selection of earrings to include silver enamelled etc. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 144: Isle of Skye pendant and earrings plus another. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 145: Silver marquisite bird brooch and 2 stylish silver pendants. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 146: 1797 Great Britain calender medal. Guide: 70-90View image

Lot 147: Silver enamelled pendant and silver inlaid twin pendant. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 148: Selection of silver to include Edinburgh silver brooch, Edinburgh silver pendant on chain, Norwegian brooch etc. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 149: Victorian locket on chain stamped 9ct gold. Guide: 30-60View image

Lot 150: Large Yellow Metal Flower Shaped Brooch Set with Purple Stone. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 151: Vintage brass jardiniere. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 152: Vintage Boxed Meccano set. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 153: James Dick Pedie framed watercolour titled 'On The Shore Of Loch Fyne'. Guide: 180-250View image

Lot 154: James Lessels framed oil on canvas titled 'The Harbour Road'. Guide: 350-450View image

Lot 155: Quality bronze figure of a contemporary dancer. Guide: 150-190View image

Lot 156: Framed Mcillian Russell Flint print 'Gossip in a provincial Wood Vast' and framed print also of Francine Marie and Simone. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 157: Gilt framed watercolour of country lane by H.C.Fox R.B.A. Guide: 80-120View image

Lot 158: 1970's coffee set with white and floral pattern. Guide: 25-55View image

Lot 159: The Doncella history of the V.C. set of 24 cards. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 160: Unused quality Sac chess set in Egyptian mythology design. Guide: 55-95View image

Lot 161: SLYAVAC rabbit planter. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 162: Lurpack butter dish and toast rack. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 163: Victorian Mahogny Cased Mantle Clock Exceptional Quality 40cm H x 21cm W. Guide: 240-300View image

Lot 164: Framed Oil on Board Seascape by Nigel McIssac Entitled 'Martyrs' Bay, Iona' 1979 54.5cm x 75cm. Guide: 190-220View image

Lot 165: Victorian marble and bronze clock garniture set in Romanesque style. Guide: 260-320View image

Lot 166: Bronzed Figure of Roman Soldier. Guide: 60-90View image

Lot 167: Bronze figure of a contempory dancer. Guide: 120-190View image

Lot 168: Kent China Yellow and Gilt Teaset. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 169: Framed watercolour 'Sgurr Nan Gillian, Skye' by Geoff Ford. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 170: Spott cleaner advertising card holder. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 171: Framed watercolour by Carola Gordon 'A view from Dean village' [15x6.5]cm picture size with Open Eye gallery label on back. Guide: 90-110View image

Lot 172: Framed watercolour by 'John Blake MacDonald' of cattle by a river bank. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 173: Rob Roy whisky clock. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 174: Framed watercolour 'Towards the bass rock'. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 175: Set of 6 vintage white metal and ceramic teaspoons. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 176: Framed Aubrey double sketch and watercolour. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 177: Framed Aubrey triple sketches of children. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 178: Grandmother clock with sun & moon dial by Fenclocks in Suffolk. Guide: 160-220View image

Lot 178.1: Singer sewing machine. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 178.2: 2 glass topped occasional tables. View image

Lot 178.3: 2 glass topped side tables. View image

Lot 179: Southern China linen cabinet. Guide: 90-120View image

Lot 180: Framed Aubrey double sketch and watercolour of children playing. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 181: Framed Aubrey "Street games" sketch and watercolour. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 182: Framed Aubrey double sketches in watercolour. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 183: Framed Aubrey double portrait of lady watercolour. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 184: Large Vintage Japanese Vase 38cm H x 24cm D Approx. Guide: 50-100View image

Lot 185: Framed Aubrey double sketch and watercolour scenes. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 186: Framed Aubrey triple watercoloured sketches. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 187: Framed Aubrey triple watercoloured sketches. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 188: Framed Aubrey double watercolour sketch of landscape and a portrait. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 189: Selection of brassware (11). Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 190: 2 made in USSR big cat ornaments. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 191: 4 pieces of carlton ware (1 with chip). Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 192: Selection of Wade & Wade style whimsies to include dinosaurs and dogs. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 193: Inlaid trinket box. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 194: Lumiere 'Paris' opera glasses. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 195: Signed 1969 'Joan Murray' watercolour of a river scene. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 196: Pair china figure bookends with ceramic mark to base. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 197: Framed 1918 photo of Lady Morag. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 198: Unframed beaded edge half moon mirror. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 199: Signed John Fullwood drypoint print of Bridge of Glencoe. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 200: 1965 Framed Joan Murray watercolour of a river scene. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 201: Boxed Tilly lamp. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 202: Engraving set. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 203: Smith Corona electric typewriter. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 204: Boxed microscope. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 205: Framed watercolour on canvas of Mediterranean country scene signed 'William McCarthy. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 206: Oil on canvas of French country side style scene (unsigned). Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 207: Selection of china to include Toby character jug circa 1940's, Punch and judy style jug (A/F) and blue based china biscuit barrel. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 208: Signed Jackson Simpson drypoint print 'The Sand Cart'. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 209: Signed Joan Murray watercolour 'Newtonards Sailing Club'. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 210: Signed John Mathieson drypoint print of a group of pine trees. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 211: Framed Artists proof by James Prilley of Kings College Aberdeen. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 212: Signed mezzotint by British artist Antoine Gaymard of a European Village Scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 213: Dorothy Guthrie, Rustic Seat, acrylic and Tom Maxwell, Calton Hill, etching. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 214: Signed Antoine Gaymard mezzotint after corot of a woodland scene. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 215: Signed artists proof mezzotint by Will Henderson 1844-1904 of an Italian Scene. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 216: Signed artists proof mezzotint by Will Henderson of an Italian Picnic. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 217: Etching of Paisley Abbey by Sir David Young Cameron 1865-1945. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 218: Signed mezzotint by Albert Galain of 3 gentlemen watching an artist. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 219: Collection of European dolls from "a collector". Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 221: Signed mezzotint by F Petitjean of a classical scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 222: Signed framed mezzotint by F Petitjean of a a couple dancing in a woodland glade. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 223: Roberts Radio & a thermometer. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 224: Signed mezzotint of a Venice scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 225: Signed etching by Edward Sharland 1884-1967 St George's Chapel Windsor. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 226: Signed etching by Edward Sharland 'The Choir York Minster'. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 227: Signed etching by Edward Sharland Of Notre Dame Paris. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 228: Signed etching by Edward Sharland of Winchester Cathedral. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 229: Box containing PS3 and games. Guide: 60-90View image

Lot 230: Selection of brassware (10). Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 231: Framed print of Charolette Rhodes in Claridges dock Belfast. Unidentified signature. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 232: Signed watercolour by Joan Murray of a lochside scene. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 233: Signed framed watercolour by Joan Murray of a water scene. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 234: Signed Joan Murray watercolour of a coastal scene. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 235: Circular french wrought iron framed mirror. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 236: 3 brass pestle and mortars. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 237: 6 vintage Majolica oyster plates from Salins France. Guide: 70-90View image

Lot 238: Brass log box. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 239: Horse themed door stop. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 240: Box of various Steins. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 241: 2 Royal Doulton character jugs,2 copper lustre coffee cans a Clarice Cliff stand etc. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 242: Selection of cat ornaments (x11). Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 243: Coalport B&W China tea set. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 244: Crown Staffordshire pink china tea set. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 245: 2 framed pictures of quiltwork ships signed 'kav'. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 246: 2 high quality Japanese figures. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 247: 3 Hummel figs & pair B&W Figs. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 248: Framed Chinese silk embroideries. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 249: Edwardian Ash chest of drawers. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 250: 2 pieces of Balleek china. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 251: 5 pieces of Scottish china. Guide: 90-110View image

Lot 252: African tribal sculpture "cheeky". Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 253: Comfortable Victorian armchair. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 254: Vintage copper tea pot & a novelty cat watering can. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 255: Vintage Garrard wooden cased c1950's/60's gramaphone. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 256: Box of brassware. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 257: Mahogany canteen of fish knives and forks. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 258: EPNS canteen of salt and pepper pots and mini salver. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 259: Yellow coloured telephone. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 260: Golf bag with nearly new golf clubs. View image

Lot 261: Framed Acrylic Board Titled 'Windy Dock' by Frances Pollock-Morris. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 262: Pair of brass 'Princess Diamond style' candlesticks converted to table lamps and a solid brass vintage jelly pan. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 263: Edwardian silver plated spirit kettle with water kettle, cream and sugar. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 264: Small childs vintage wicker chair. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 266: 3 Chinosserie decorative lidded vases. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 267: American gingerbread old mantle clock. Guide: 25-30View image

Lot 268: American small gingerbread light oak mantle clock. Guide: 18-28View image

Lot 269: Royal Worcester plate and 4 collector plates. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 270: Box of assorted pottery and ceramics. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 271: Green painted hall storage unit with coat rack. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 272: Royal China works Worcester plate 'Bothwell Castle. Guide: 20-25View image

Lot 273: 2 ceramic planters with saucers. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 274: Wii console with controllers, 22 games and game board. Guide: 50-60View image

Lot 275: Brexton Picnic Set. Guide: 28-38View image

Lot 276: Framed watercolour by Graham Buchanan-Dunlop. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 277: 2 Framed oils by possible Scottish school artists (no signature). Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 278: Box of records. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 279: Cast iron jolly money bank. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 280: Four Model Boats. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 280.1: Selection of various Denby ware etc. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 281: Wood Bound Trunk. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 281.1: Blue and white ceramic lamp, orange glass vase and stem vase, BT twin phone boxed set. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 282: Framed 1962 signed drawing. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 282.1: 2 brass style lamps with shades. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 283: Blue and white Ringtons Bowl and blue and white Wedgwood jug. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 284: Framed Hindu symbolic panel on cloth. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 285: Framed display of Ethopian church crosses as pendants and hand cross. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 286: 4 Delft ceramic ornaments to include 2 clogs, vase and beaker. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 287: 4 framed etchings to include St Enoch's Glasgow, Whitehouse close, Edinburgh, Church scene James Ness and Glasgow scene by Robert Houston. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 288: Framed pastel by Violet McNeish Kay RSW 'Overlooking Faslane Bay, Gaerloch' circa 1930's. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 289: 2 Adderly Simpson framed watercolour dated 1984. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 290: Framed picture 'Bamburgh castle from Budle point' penciled signed on the rear. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 290.1: 2 candlestick style (and brass) style table lamps with shades. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 291: Framed scene 'Nerja Costa Del Sol' circa 1930's. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 292: Selection EP ware to incl napkin rings, candlelabra etc. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 293: Framed bevel edged mirror. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 294: Bovril advertising print from 1908 titled 'The Huntsmans Pet'. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 295: Origianal 'Bay city rollers' 1970's trousers. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 295.1: Box of lamps oynx based and a pair of gilded wall lights. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 296: Black and gold china creamer. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 296.1: 2 beautiful plant prints of gladioli and iris in frames - good quality. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 296.2: 2 framed stitched female portraits. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 297: Eastern rug with double medalliom field and multiple border [159x94]cm. Guide: 50-60View image

Lot 297.1: Stag bedside cabinets 4 drawer. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 297.2: Stag bedside cabinets 4 drawer. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 298: Four remote control figures. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 298.1: 7 mixed old tins. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 299: Karlardash red ground rug with double medallion decorated with birds and flowerhead border [147x107]cm. Guide: 70-90View image

Lot 299.1: Next black glass tv stand and bathroom cabinet. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 300: Mixed lot of coins. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 301: Mixed lot of coins and medals. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 302: Selection of costume jewellery, clock and inlaid coaster. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 303: Collection of costume jewellery to include necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings.... Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 304: Set of five panache cocktail glasses. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 305: Collection of costume jewellery to include faux pearls. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 306: Box of costume jewellery and bag of curios to include perfume bottle, compacts, light meter etc. Guide: 40-50View image

Lot 307: Collection of buttons, cufflinks, costume jewellery etc. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 308: Beaded hardstone necklace. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 310: 'HUDL' in original box. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 311: Mauchline ware 2 pieces Edinburgh & Aberlady. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 312: 4 corkscrews. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 313: Box of Postcards. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 314: Selection of Jewllery. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 315: Box of jewellery. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 316: Basket of costume jewellery. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 317: 925 silver brooch with 7 CZ stones w:5cm. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 318: Wicker basket containing shells. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 319: Selection of 5 silver rings weight:11.9g. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 320: 4 Limited edition 1 pound Robert Lewis Stevenson 100 year annivercery notes in very-good condition. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 321: 3 Robert Lewis Stevenson 100 year anniversary 1 pound notes in good - very good condition. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 322: Gulf war Saudi medal. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 323: Gulf war Saudi medal of 'Liberton of Kuwait'. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 323.1: National Commercial bank of Scotland £5 notes circa 1963 (x7). View image

Lot 323.2: The British Linen bank £5 notes circa 1964 (x53). View image

Lot 323.3: Bank of Scotland £5 notes circa 1965 (x22). View image

Lot 323.4: British Linen bank £1 notes in sequential order 853718 - 755 (x37). View image

Lot 323.5: British Linen bank £1 notes in sequential order 838841 - 857 (x16). View image

Lot 323.6: British Linen bank £1 notes in sequential order 853771 -789 (x18). View image

Lot 323.7: British Linen bank £1 notes in sequential order 753833 - 846 (x13). View image

Lot 323.8: National Commerial bank of Scotland £5 notes circa 1964 (x60). View image

Lot 323.9: British Linen £1 notes (mostly July 1963. View image

Lot 324: Silver ring with pale pink Tanzanite floral cluster Size O. Stamped 925. Guide: 28-48View image

Lot 325: Vintage African blade. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 326: 2 925 silver rings, 1 with single diamond size L and pale purple stone size Q/R. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 327: Retro coffee table with folding legs. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 328: Silver ring size S. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 329: Box of costume jewellery to include faux pearls, brooches, pill boxes etc. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 330: Edwardian Embroidered firescreen. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 331: Edwardian inlaid plant stand and a brass candlestick. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 332: Lloyd loom style painted ottoman. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 333: Silver bangle with amethyst stone approx 7". Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 334: Jimmy Choo frames and case. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 335: Selection of coins mainly pennies also with vintage cigarette tin. View image

Lot 336: Brass tea caddy containing various years of 3 pence. View image

Lot 337: 9ct gold flatlink chain 4.8g and 1 other. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 338: Gent's Majex Wristwatch. Guide: 40-70View image

Lot 339: Costume Jewellery, Studs, Parker Pen, Conway Stewart Pen etc.. Guide: 55-75View image

Lot 340: Late Victorian Silver Vesta and Two Cigarette Cases. Guide: 55-75View image

Lot 341: Silver ring and tiara. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 342: Rennie Mackintosh silver watch. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 342.1: Victorian chest of 4 drawers. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 343: Selection of 6 silver pendants to include Mother of Pearl and black pearl. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 344: Selection of watches. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 345: Selection of watches. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 346: Selection of vintage fishing reels including 2 Shakespeare reels. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 347: Selection of vintage fishing reels. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 348: James Dixon & Son Hip Flask. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 349: Delma of of Switzerland collectable gents wristwatch. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 350: Selection of watches. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 351: Album of Heart of Midlothian Match Day Programmes and an Album of Tickets. Guide: 45-85View image

Lot 351.1: William IV console table. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 352: Unusual metamorphic fire screen which can turn into a table. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 352.1: Victorian display cabinet. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 352.2: Ornately carved square top table on tripod legs. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 353: Edwardian oak 3 drawer chest of drawers. Guide: 25-30View image

Lot 354: French walnut bedside table. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 355: Lovers seat made from wicker. Guide: 75-95View image

Lot 356: Pine kitchen table with stools. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 357: Italian inlaid tea trolley. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 358: Pair 1960's teak wall units with mounts (1 with 3 drawers other cupboard). Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 359: 1970's unusual Danish teak lounge cabinet with 'wrap-around' sliding doors feature. Guide: 160-200View image

Lot 360: Set of 3 'Scandiline' teak splat back dining chairs. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 361: Modern 4 drawer chest. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 362: Modern 3 drawer bedside chests. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 362.1: Set of 6 over 2 chest of drawers. View image

Lot 362.2: Painted Lloyd Loom style table. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 362.3: Metal floor lamp with pink shade. View image

Lot 363: 1960's Danish teak coffee nest of tables. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 364: Retro 'chippy' teak telephone table. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 365: Unusual designed Lloyd Loom style Wicker bedroom chair. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 365.1: 19th Century pot cupboard (a/f). Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 365.2: Pine laundry box with lid. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 365.3: Small pine chest of 4 drawers with glass top. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 366: Old Spinning wheel. Guide: 90-150View image

Lot 367: Print of map of world dated 1881. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 368: 2 nautical prints. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 369: Mirrored console table. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 369.1: Mahogany bureau on square legs. View image

Lot 369.2: Stag console table. View image

Lot 369.3: Dome top trunk. View image

Lot 370: Painted distressed dressing table mirror. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 371: Victorian pine cabinet. Guide: 100-120View image

Lot 371.1: An octaganal table. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 371.2: Red painted display cabinet with integrated Smyths clock. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 371.3: Card table with attractive leg fittings. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 372: Brass and glass centre light fitting (from house in New Town, Edinburgh). Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 373: VEHO film & slide scanner. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 374: Basket & contents. View image

Lot 375: Large Le Creuset casserole dish. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 376: Full mannequin female. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 377: Box of plated ware to include large serving dome. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 378: Mannequin top for dress making. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 379: Large china doll. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 380: Jerry can & horse breast collar. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 381: Teak nest of tables. Guide: 40-55View image

Lot 382: Vintage hand-made sewing chair. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 384: Round pie crust table with quatered nest of tables. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 385: 1950's ercol walnut table. Guide: 25-65View image

Lot 386: Pine bookcase. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 387: Demi-lune. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 388: 3 seater wing back settee. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 389: Laundry stand. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 390: French bedside cabinet. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 391: 5 Victorian hook back chairs. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 392: White painted pine wardrobe. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 393: Rocker tapestry chair. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 394: Oriental 4 section carved wooden screen. Guide: 90-120View image

Lot 395: Oriental 4 section carved wooden screen with carved goat top. Guide: 90-120View image

Lot 396: Framed artist proof engraving 'Wardop's Court' by Cat Outram signed in pencil [19x14]cm. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 397: Walnut three drawer chest. Guide: 60-80View image

Lot 397.2: Burr walnut serpentine fronted 4 drawer chest. View image

Lot 397.3: Pair of serpent double handled vases. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 397.4: Early 20th century brass and copper coal helmet with brass coal tongs and roasting fork. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 398: Pine rocking armchair. Guide: 125-165View image

Lot 399: Framed acrylic 'Rain in the city' by Frank Burke. Torrance Gallery label verso [54x25]cm. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 400: Upholstered stool. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 401: Box of plated ware to include tea pots etc. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 402: Ladder back old carver reed seat with 4 ladderback chairs. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 403: Gilt framed watercolour of a farmhouse (no signature visable). Guide: 3-5View image

Lot 404: Ex Harveys light birch dining table to seat 6 with extension and 6 matching dining chairs. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 405: Vintage red painted Shell petrol can. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 406: Edinburgh Crystal decanter, stopper and 6 large wine glasses [Boxed never used]. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 407: Bergere back chair. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 408: Edinburgh Crystal 6 brandy glasses. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 409: 6 Port/ Sherry glasses [boxed as new] and a rummer glass [ boxed]. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 410: Box of plated ware to include candelabra. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 411: 2 framed prints to include 'Flamenco'. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 412: Framed film poster of 'The Never Ending Story' poster. Guide: 22-42View image

Lot 413: Pair of glass table lamps with shades. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 414: Boxed set of 6 sundae dishes. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 415: BEF folding football table. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 416: A greenish coloured carry on cabin suitcase. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 417: Hinge top chest. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 418: Metal 25 bottle wine rack and a small wicker basket. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 419: Bankers style desk lamp. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 420: Mixed lot to include EP flatware, Royal Crown Derby dish, Royal Albert Old country roses teacup and saucer etc. Guide: 28-48View image

Lot 421: Edwardian chest of drawers [W:90 L:50 H:90]cm. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 421.1: Brass Chinese Picnic Box. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 421.2: Pine bedside cabinet. View image

Lot 421.3: Pine bookcase. View image

Lot 422: Music stand. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 423: Mixed lot to include brass planter, plates and glass vase. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 424: Oak stick stand and 3 walking sticks. Guide: 38-58View image

Lot 425: Companion set. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 426: Small worktop beer or wine fridge. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 427: Modern rug 4ft x 6ft approx.. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 428: 7ft x 8ft approx modern rug. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 429: Red ground rug 4ft x 3ft approx. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 430: X-frame stool. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 431: Bag of assorted Corgi and Days Gone By model cars including ' Dunkin Donuts Vehicle'. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 432: Swinnertons dinner service. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 433: Oriental white metal etched tea pot, hot water, milk and cream set. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 434: Sheffield steel makers canteen of cutlery. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 435: Boxed as new 26 piece glass punch set. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 436: Czechoslovakian dinner set and cups and saucers. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 437: Kenyan wooden candle holder with map of Kenya on base. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 438: Uphostered cream coloured sofa. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 439: Oak 19th Century dining table W: 42" and 54" long. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 439.1: Pine twin Querus bespoke light oak cabinet. View image

Lot 439.2: 8 Peg Hat and Coat Stand. View image

Lot 440: Edinburgh Crystal 6 Whisky tumblers [boxed as new] and a Edinburgh Crystal fruit bowl. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 441: Tall lamp. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 442: 2 Wooden Oak Mantle Clocks. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 442.1: Oak living room unit with glazed doors. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 442.2: Sideboard with 2 Burr walnut drawers and cupboards. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 442.3: Edwardian side table. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 443: Vintage Tin trunk. Guide: 25-40View image

Lot 444: Oak c1920's 2 over 3 chest of drawers [restored]. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 445: 2 sets of black and gold light shade pairs. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 446: Royal Worcester tureen and 5 soup bowls. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 446.2: A grand example of Indian copper top tray table on folding stand. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 447: 5 arm chandilier. Guide: 20-50View image

Lot 448: 2 ring small chandelier & 2 vintage wall sconces. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 449: Bamboo 3 shelf wall unit. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 450: Victorian 5 pane carved mirror in gothic style. Guide: 100-120View image

Lot 451: Victorian mahogany fold-over tea table. Guide: 25-30View image

Lot 451.1: Fire gaurd and magazine rack. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 451.2: Modern kitchen vegetable rack. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 452: Early Victorian bureau. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 452.1: Georgian dropleaf table. Guide: 15-30View image

Lot 453: Brass fire fender. Guide: 40-70View image

Lot 454: Bowl of faux fruit and pottery pot (Ideal for still life artist drawings). Guide: 5-8View image

Lot 455: Pair of very large garden Grecian style planters in terracotta style). Guide: 350-550View image

Lot 456: Otto Shlipp print and another. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 457: Pair of green painted stools. Guide: 25-35View image

Lot 458: Early 19th century oak tub chair. Guide: 95-145View image

Lot 459: Piquotware tea service. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 460: Set of library steps. Guide: 70-90View image

Lot 461: Edinburgh Crystal [boxed as new] fruit bowl. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 462: Vintage Webb petrol lawnmower. Guide: 70-90View image

Lot 463: Danarm 55 vintage petrol chainsaw (in need of service). Guide: 100-120View image

Lot 464: Danarm vintage petrol chainsaw (in need of service). Guide: 90-120View image

Lot 465: Sanyo Record System with Speakers and Eagle International Amp and 1 Sony Speaker. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 466: Bang & Olufsen Speakers and a Dynatron Stereo. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 466.1: Pine dropleaf tables. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 466.2: A grand example of Indian copper top tray table on folding stand. View image

Lot 466.3: Black glass topped table. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 467: Framed patchwork Egyptian scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 468: Stihl (large model) (In need of service). Guide: 70-80View image

Lot 469: Large box of Lego (approx £1000 new). Guide: 100-120View image

Lot 470: 2 boxes of Lego. Guide: 80-100View image

Lot 471: Dolmar Ca petrol chainsaw (working) circa 1966. Guide: 85-125View image

Lot 472: Vintage Ransomes push mower with roller (blue handle). Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 473: Vintage Ransomes push mower with roller (white handle). Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 474: Vintage ATCO mower with roller. Guide: 75-95View image

Lot 475: Vintage Ransomes petrol mower. Guide: 85-105View image

Lot 476: Vintage Ransome mino mark VI lawnmower (missing grass bucket). Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 477: Qualcast vintage petrol rotovator. Guide: 30-60View image

Lot 478: 2 handled forrest saw. Guide: 50-90View image

Lot 479: John Wallace & son cast iron tractor seat. Guide: 120-140View image

Lot 480: W.N Niclolson & son cast iron tractor seat. Guide: 90-110View image

Lot 481: Vintage wooden seed spreader with harness. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 482: Vintage Waymaster scales & 2 oil lamps & blow torch. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 483: Rustic garden cockrel. Guide: 155-175View image

Lot 484: Original Victorian single brass bed with base and mattress. Guide: 80-100View image

Lot 485: Modern wicker dining table with glass top and 2 chairs. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 486: Vintage bike. Guide: 35-55View image

Lot 487: Large circular marble style table. Guide: 40-60View image

Lot 488: Victorian iron plough. Guide: 150-180View image

Lot 489: Greenfields power washer. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 490: Carved stone garden ornament of mushroom approx 70cm tall. Guide: 250-300View image

Lot 491: Painted Victorian door. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 492: Large Vintage mangle in good condition. Guide: 110-140View image

Lot 493: Cast iron plant stand. Guide: 95-155View image

Lot 494: Conservatory suite. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 495: Teak garden set. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 496: Cast iron fisherman anchor approx 1m long. Guide: 170-250View image

Lot 497: Victorian cast iron weather vane approx 1m high. Guide: 180-220View image

Lot 498: Decorative bird cage or as a garden terranium. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 499: Old barrel. Guide: 55-75View image

Lot 500: Mixed box of collectables. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 501: Hamster cage. Guide: 30-50View image

Lot 502: Fishing nets and other fishing equipment. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 503: Wet suit by SOLA to fit large. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 504: Philips CD player. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 505: 2 Train transformers and a car battery charger. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 506: 2 Sewing machines. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 507: Boxed HD camera. Guide: 15-20View image

Lot 508: 2 Boxes of assorted books. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 509: Box of Demi Johns etc. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 510: Cookworks 800w microwave. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 511: 2 Black & Decker Drills. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 512: 1 tyre foot pump & jack. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 513: Vintage play garage. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 514: Kids bouncy castle with blower approx 8x8ft. Guide: 50-70View image

Lot 515: 2 bike car rack. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 516: Car steering wheel lock with keys and a set of roof racks suitable for Astra's etc for a car with roof gutter. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 517: Pair of size 8 green wellington boots. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 518: Pair of size 7 keenfisher waders. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 519: Pair of size 10 Aigle full body waders. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 520: Signed framed John Rae print 'Summer'. Guide: 3-5View image

Lot 521: Framed sketch of a bridge by J.I Allan dated 1936. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 522: Signed engraving of a matador. Guide: 10-30View image

Lot 523: Mixed box of paintings in a variety of media. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 524: Mixed box of paintings in a variety of media. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 525: 2 reproduction oil on board by Cecilia Don one of work by Monet. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 526: Framed watercolour regatta at Peterhead by J.R Middleton. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 527: 2 interior scenes in chalk by J.I Allan. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 528: 2 still lives dated 1931 by J.I Allan. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 529: Mixed box of art work in a variety of media. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 530: Framed signed drypoint print of city gate, Jodhpur by E.S Lumsden. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 531: Framed signed drypoint print of Trafalgar Square by William Walcott. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 532: Unsigned watercolour of a Highland Scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 533: Unsigned watercolour of Cottage & garden scene. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 534: Skating poster from an 1878 supplement to 'The Queen Magazine'. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 535: Etching of a river scene signed Charlotte E Smith. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 536: Vintage collapsible bow saw, treen spirit level & spiral drill. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 537: Selection of various vintage planes. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 538: 4 Treen Spoke Shavers. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 539: Stanley hand drill & brace & bit. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 540: 2 treen model boats. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 541: Box of vintage tools to include: files, saws, saw sharpeners, etc.. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 542: Box of tools to include: various vintage chisels. Guide: 15-35View image

Lot 543: Box of tools to include: Hammers, drill bits, folding ruler etc. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 544: Lantern, 'Hughes' scales, shoe lasts & petrol can. Guide: 25-55View image

Lot 545: Work mate. Guide: 30-40View image

Lot 546: Karcher washer and accessories as new in box. Guide: 100-150View image

Lot 547: Miele vacuum. Guide: 25-45View image

Lot 548: Hand lawn mower as new condition. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 549: Collection of vintage woodworking planes, saws etc. Guide: 50-80View image

Lot 550: 2 fishing rods to include Daiwa and one other salmon rod. Guide: 45-65View image

Lot 551: Square planter with plant. Guide: 20-30View image

Lot 552: 2 seater leatherett setee in red fabric. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 553: Tartan upholstered rocking chair. Guide: 45-75View image

Lot 554: Red upholstered tub chair. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 555: Red upholstered tub chair. Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 556: 10 man tent (almost brand new). Guide: 40-70View image

Lot 557: Good quality shower tray 900x900mm. Guide: 20-40View image

Lot 558: 2 bags, 1 holdall other backpack. Guide: 10-15View image

Lot 559: Mixed box to include DVD's and CD's etc. Guide: 15-25View image

Lot 560: Pine swivel mirror (1 knob missing). Guide: 10-20View image

Lot 561: Mixed lot of china, collectables and lamp shades. Guide: 5-10View image

Lot 562: Lloyd loom style chair and foot stool. Guide: 20-40View image