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Our next sale is the 26th of August at 10:30am. To get a taste of what we sell see our previous catalogues.

The pictures below are updated daily and are subject to change.

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Lot 7
Pair of African hardwood busts of a male & a female & letter opener
Lot 8
Pair elephant bookends
Lot 9
Wooden trinket box
Lot 10
Large treen cased 'Emperor' chiming mantle clock
Lot 11
Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh character figurine Winnie the Pooh in the armchair 'model WP4'
Guide: £15-30
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Lot 12
Selection of 3 miniature Japanese and Indian style vases to include pair of Japanese bronzed decorated with birds other with flowers and elephant handled bronze vase
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Lot 13
Moorcroft vase in trefoil design advertised on Moorcroft site at £222 Height:21cm
Guide: £80-120
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Lot 14
Stunning Japanese carved armchair
Lot 15
Wakefield Castrol metal sign
Lot 16
Mobiloil metal sign
Lot 17
Redex garage metal sign
Lot 24
"Hac" 14 day strike mantle clock in a light oak case
Lot 25
Chinese charger
Lot 28
Pair of wally dogs
Lot 29
Dragon "heavy base" metal lamp with shade
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Lot 30
Mahogany abalone inlaid box
Lot 31
Small Royal Bayreuth vase with hallmarked London silver rim
Lot 32
Set of 5 french copper saucepans
Guide: £30=40
Lot 33
Selection of EP ware etc.
Lot 34
Alabaster figure bust Grecian style
Lot 35
Antique 'Knight' door knocker
Lot 36
2 framed Chinese silk paintings of a procession
Lot 37
Philco teak triple speaker
Lot 38
Woodcut of Winston Churchill
Lot 39
Attractive brass fire screen with musical theme
Lot 40
Mahogany Victorian style wall display cabinet
Lot 41
French Victorian gilt clock timepiece under a glass dome
Lot 42
Grandfather clock by Robert Rodgers of Bristol with a brass 12 inch square dial c1790 (Fully restored 12 months ago)
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Lot 43
Bronzed dog figurine
Guide: £20-30
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Lot 44
Bespoke Art Designer Caribbean-made metal folding room screen
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Lot 45
45 'Peebles & District Vintage Motor Club' car badge & 'Ford' amperes meter
Lot 46
Marjory Gibb, Lobster Fisherman- Outer Hebridies, signed watercolour, 18cm x 26cm
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Lot 47
Brass minature lamp, pewter ink pot & 'John Hush, Eastgate Peebles' whisky bottle & another
Lot 48
Solimene Italian part dinner service
Lot 53
Royal Albert Safari teaset
Lot 54
Edwardian bergere armchair
Lot 55
View from a window, watercolour, unsigned
Lot 56
French Moules pot and matching recipe plate
Guide: £15-20
Lot 57
6 French red soup bowls
Guide: £15-20
Lot 58
Set of 5 French copper saucepans
Guide: £30-40
Lot 59
3 Egyptian figurines very heavy
Guide: £30-40
Lot 60
French art deco picture holder. (one back glass missing)
Guide: £15-20
Lot 63
Victorian Hammersley blue and gilt design 21 piece tea set
Lot 66
Crested twin handled urn with horse head finial
Lot 73
Vintage Tri-ang bike (collectable)
Lot 75
Three Masonic aprons
Lot 76
Moira Beaty, Old Women-Sarajevo, signed oil on paper, Open Eye Gallery label verso, 20cm x 14cm
Lot 77
Stafford Morten leprechaun on rabbit model
Lot 82
Mahogany and inlaid eight piece parlour suite comprising sofa, two armchairs and four chairs
Lot 83
Shelley bowl and Carltonware leaf dish
Lot 87
Hall console table with Queen Anne style legs
Lot 88
Brass style lantern clock
Lot 91
German mahogany late 19th century wall clock with white enamel dial
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Lot 92
Box of metal ware
Lot 93
1960's Part Abstract Dinner Service
Lot 94
American mahogony mantle steeple clock
Lot 98
Replica Medieval Helmet and Gauntlets
Lot 116
Postcard album (x2)
Lot 117
Silver napkin rings & set of 4 Indian white metal napkin rings
Lot 118
Victorian Silver and mother of pearl rattle
Lot 120
19th century flintlock pistol and a pistol case
Lot 126
Pierced Birmingham silver dish weight: 96.5
Lot 127
Rare T Chapman of Glasgow of the highest qualitypocket barometer and compass 1869
Lot 136
George III 1818 Silver Crown
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Lot 146
1797 Great Britain calender medal
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Lot 150
Large Yellow Metal Flower Shaped Brooch Set with Purple Stone
Lot 151
Vintage brass jardiniere
Lot 152
Vintage Boxed Meccano set
Lot 153
James Dick Pedie framed watercolour titled 'On The Shore Of Loch Fyne'
Lot 154
James Lessels framed oil on canvas titled 'The Harbour Road'
Lot 155
Quality bronze figure of a contemporary dancer
Lot 156
Mcillian Russell Flint framed print 'Gossip in a provincial Wood Vast' and framed print also of Francine Marie and Simone both prints
Lot 157
Gilt framed watercolour of country lane by H.C.Fox R.B.A
Lot 158
1970's coffee set with white and floral pattern
Lot 159
The Doncella history of the V.C. set of 24 cards
Lot 160
Unused Sac chess set in Egyptian mythology design
Lot 161
SLYAVAC rabbit planter
Guide: £5-10
Lot 162
Llurpack butter dish and toast rack
Guide: £5-10
Lot 163
Victorian Mahogny Cased Mantle Clock Exceptional Quality 40cm H x 21cm W
Lot 164
Framed Oil on Board Seascape by Nigel McIssac Entitled 'Martyrs' Bay, Iona' 1979 54.5cm x 75cm
Lot 165
Victorian marble and bronze clock garniture set in Romanesque style
Lot 166
Bronzed Figure of Roman Soldier
Lot 167
Bronze figure of a contempory dancer
Lot 168
Kent China Yellow and Gilt Teaset
Lot 169
Framed watercolour 'Sgurr Nan Gillian, Skye' by Geoff Ford
Lot 170
Spoll cleaner advertising card holder
Lot 171
Framed watercolour by Carola Gordon 'A view from Dean village' [15x6.5]cm picture size with Open Eye gallery label on back
Lot 172
Framed watercolour by 'John Blake MacDonald' of cattle by a river bank
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Lot 173
Rob Rey whisky clock
Lot 174
Framed watercolour 'Towards the bass rock'
Lot 175
Set of 6 vintage white metal and ceramic teaspoons
Lot 176
Framed Aubrey double sketch and watercolour
Lot 177
Framed Aubrey triple sketches of children
Lot 178
Grandmother clock with sun & moon dial by Fenclocks in Suffolk
Lot 179
Southern China linen cabinet
Lot 180
Framed Aubrey double sketches watercoloure children playing
Lot 181
Framed Aubrey "Street games" sketch and watercolour
Lot 182
Framed Aubrey double sketches in watercolour
Lot 183
Framed Aubrey double portrait of lady watercolour
Lot 184
Large Vintage Japanese Vase 38cm H x 24cm D Approx
Lot 185
Framed Aubrey double sketch and watercolour scenes
Lot 186
Framed Aubrey triple watercolour from sketches
Lot 187
Framed Aubrey triple watercolour from sketches
Lot 188
Framed Aubrey double watercolour sketch of landscape and a portrait
Lot 189
Selection of brassware (11)
Lot 190
2 made in USSR big cat ornaments
Guide: £15-30
Lot 191
4 pieces of carlton ware (1 with chip)
Guide: £10-15
Lot 192
Selection of Wade & Wade style whimsies to include dinosaurs and dogs
Lot 193
Inlaid trinket box
Lot 194
Lomiere 'Paris' opera glasses
Guide: £10-20
Lot 195
Signed 1969 'Joan Murray' watercolour of a river scene
Lot 196
Pair china figure bookends with ceramic mark to base
Lot 197
Framed 1918 photo of Lady Morag
Lot 198
Unframed beaded edge half moon mirror
Lot 199
Signed John Fullwood drypoint print of Bridge of Glencoe
Lot 200
1965 Framed Joan Murray watercolour of a river scene
Lot 201
Boxed Tilly lamp
Lot 202
Engraving set
Lot 203
Smith Corona electric typewriter
Lot 204
Boxed microscope
Lot 205
Framed watercolour on canvas of Mediterranean country scene signed 'William McCarthy
Lot 206
Oil on canvas of French country side style scene (unsigned)
Lot 207
Selection of china to include Toby character jug circa 1940's, Punch and judy style jug (A/F)
Lot 208
Signed Jackson Simpson drypoint print 'The Sand Cart'
Lot 209
Signed Joan Murray watercolour 'Newtonards Sailing Club'
Lot 210
Signed John Mathieson drypoint print of a group of pine trees
Lot 211
Framed Artists proof by James Prilley of Kings College Aberdeen
Lot 212
Signed mezzotint by British artist Antoine Gaymard of a European Village Scene
Lot 213
Dorothy Guthrie, Rustic Seat, acrylic and Tom Maxwell, Calton Hill, etching
Lot 214
Signed Antoine Gaymard mezzotint after corot of a woodland scene
Lot 215
Signed artists proof mezzotint by Will Henderson 1844-1904 of an Italian S
Lot 216
Signed artists proof mezzotint by Will Henderson of an Italian Picnic
Lot 217
Etching of Paisley Abbey by Sir David Young Cameron 1865-1945
Lot 218
Signed mezzotint by Albert Galain of 3 gentlemen watching an artist
Lot 219
Collection of European dolls from "a collector"
Lot 220
Signed mezzotint by Albert Galain of original work by J.L.E Meissonier
Lot 221
Signed mezzotint by F Petitjean of a classical scene
Lot 222
Signed framed mezzotint by F Petitjean of a a couple dancing in a woodland glade
Lot 223
Roberts Radio & a thermometer
Lot 224
Signed mezzotint of a Venice scene
Lot 225
Signed etching by Edward Sharland 1884-1967 St George's Chapel Windsor
Lot 226
Signed etching by Edward Sharland 'The Choir York Minster'
Lot 227
Signed etching by Edward Sharland Of Notre Dame Paris
Lot 228
Signed etching by Edward Sharland of Winchester Cathedral
Lot 229
Box containing PS3 and games
Lot 230
Selection of brassware (10)
Lot 231
Framed print of Charolette Rhodes in Claridges dock Belfast. Unidentified signature
Lot 232
Signed watercolour by Joan Murray of a lochside scene
Lot 233
Signed framed watercolour by Joan Murray of a water scene
Lot 234
Signed Joan Murray watercolour of a coastal scene
Lot 235
Circular french wrought iron framed mirror
Guide: £10-15
Lot 236
3 brass pestle and mortars
Guide: £20-30
Lot 237
6 vintage Majolica oyster plates from Salins France
Guide: £70-90
Lot 238
Brass log box
Guide: £10-15
Lot 239
Horse themed door stop
Guide: £10-15
Lot 241
2 Royal Doulton character jugs,2 copper lustre coffee cans a Clarice Cliff stand etc
Lot 242
Selection of cat ornaments (x11)
Lot 243
Coalport B&W China tea set
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Lot 244
Crown Staffordshire pink china tea set
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Lot 245
2 framed pictures of quiltwork ships signed 'kav'
Lot 246
2 high quality Japanese figures
Lot 247
3 Hummel figs & pair B&W Figs
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Lot 248
Framed Chinese silk embroideries
Lot 249
Edwardian Ash chest of drawers