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Our next sale is the 21st of October at 10:30am. To get a taste of what we sell see our previous catalogues.

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Lot 1
Selection to include a Blackwatch kilt, black kilt a ceremorial dagger and a sporran
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Lot 2
Late Victorian solid oak storage box on oak castors circa 1880's [64x118x25]cm
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Lot 4
Vintage collectors Ford car clock and ash tray
Lot 5
5 quality Wedgwood black basalt vases in good condition
Lot 6
Royal Albert Old Country Roses part tea set
Lot 7
Edwardian oak biscuit barrel with ceramic liner
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Lot 8
Bow fronted console table with tapered legs and 2 over 2 drawers
Lot 9
Japanese parasol with white metal handle
Lot 10
Vintage photo album containing postcards Roy Rodgers, Stanley Matthews and signed 'Lemy the lion' post card etc
Lot 11
Early to mid 20th century planter in form of a bulldog with basket
Guide: £40-60
Lot 12
Royal Dux porcelain vase modelled as a water carrier on conch H:27cm
Guide: £90-120
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Lot 13
Vintage turn of the century 'postcard album'
Lot 14
Boxed Caithness paper weight
Guide: £15-25
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Lot 15
Vintage postcard album containing mainly Victorian postcards and comical postcards also
Lot 16
Royal Albert 39 piece Old Country Roses
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Lot 17
Artisan Peruvian light catcher (brand new) D:35cm
Lot 18
Framed print of Queensferry crossing with Forth road bridge in background 110cm x 93cm
Guide: £250-350
Lot 19
Selection of 3 Mdina glass paperweights
Guide: £20-30
Lot 20
Box of mixed postage stamps and 2 part albums
Lot 21
Unusual Stone carving of a elephant
Guide: £20-40
Lot 22
19th century bronze figure of discus thrower H:18.5
Guide: £100-150
Lot 23
Tiffany style table lamp with leaded stained glass shade H:54cm
Guide: £100-140
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Lot 24
Kay Henderson teddy bear 'Peter' 1/1
Guide: £20-40
Lot 25
Vintage 'Babycham' snacks dish
Guide: £15-25
Lot 26
Unusual cut glass fruit bowl
Lot 27
Large Port Merion bowl
Lot 28
Fine pewter coffee set by J Dixson & Son
Guide: £15-25
Lot 29
Pair of Meissen style candleabra
Lot 30
Royal Doulton William Grant decanter in box
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Lot 31
Leather Gladstone bag containing a selection of medical equipment
Lot 32
Goebel Claude Monet plate
Lot 33
Rockburn electric guitar with a hard case
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Lot 34
Royal Crown Derby lamp
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Lot 35
Leaded glass panel
Lot 36
Modern mahogany style nest of tables
Guide: £5-10
Lot 37
Highland stoneware coastal scene wall plaque [w;20cm]
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Lot 38
Royal Doulton dinner service [Carnation design] to include plates, bowls, coffee pot, sugar and cream and coffee cups and saucers etc
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Lot 39
J P Cults of London three drawer day or night telescope
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Lot 40
Victorian truncheon
Guide: £90-140
Lot 41
Rosewood jewellery box with mother of pearl inlay
Guide: £50-60
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Lot 42
Royal Worcester floral design jug
Lot 43
3 mixed tea sets, Royal Doulton, Jeekson and also Foley
Lot 44
Selection of Carltonware (4)
Lot 45
J H Stewart three draw field telescope with pigskin cover, set with presentation plaque to Mr Richard Ogilvy Heriot Maitland dated 1934 in tan leather case
Lot 46
Moorland pottery art deco face mask
Lot 47
Buchanware Hors d'oeurve plate, 2 Bowls, 2 Lidded Pots etc
Guide: £25-55
Lot 48
Bing & Groundhal figurine of boy holding dog, no 1747
Lot 49
Pair of lidded vases
Guide: £150-170
Lot 50
Designer feature skull lamp
Guide: £80-120
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Lot 51
"Kissing cousins" lamp with orange glass shade
Lot 52
Gold topped swagger stick fully hallmarked 9ct
Lot 53
Victorian papier mache lacquered tilt top table. H: 103cm
Guide: £110-150
Lot 54
Bing & Groundhal figure of girl mothering a cat no 1779
Lot 55
Moorland pottery art deco face mask
Lot 56
Continental Majolica pedestal vase
Guide: £20-30
Lot 57
Ermine stole
Lot 58
Framed New Orleans poster print
Guide: £40-60
Lot 59
Solid teak cabinet from the Swat valley region, and put together with antique architrave doors rare to find and really ancient doors! [w:92cm x L:59cm x h:200cm]
Guide: £850-1150
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Lot 60
Hand painted Rhajistan cabinet(Unique as no 2 pieces are ever painted the same) [w:94cm x l:47cm x h:200cm]
Guide: £400-500
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Lot 61
Porcelain style doll
Lot 62
Framed sketch on watercolour 'Sheep track, Glen Nevis' by M Ruck
Guide: £20-40
Lot 63
Large decorative vase
Lot 64
Royal Dux figurine
Guide: £15-25
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Lot 65
Fabulous framed poster print of 'LNER Flying Scotsman' 100cm x 70cm
Guide: £90-130
Lot 66
19th Century mahogany sofa table with brass toes and castors
Guide: £320-420
Lot 67
Vintage sledge
Guide: £35-65
Lot 68
Substantial wooden painted horse shaped seat
Guide: £50-90
Lot 69
Framed print 'Mid Summer in East Fife' signed by James McIntosh Patrick
Guide: £20-40
Lot 70
' So Macho!' Framed Sinitta' 45 single and album cover
Guide: £25-45
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Lot 71
Desk ornament taxidermy of a terrapin
Guide: £60-80
Lot 72
Moorcroft pottery bowl W: 11.5cm
Guide: £70-90
Lot 73
Victorian rise and fall ceiling light
Guide: £35-55
Lot 74
Chinese white porcelain baluster vase decorated with kylin and a ginger jar and cover
Guide: £30-40
Lot 75
Large Framed poster print of 'LMS Scot passes Scot' 100cm x 70cm
Guide: £90-110
Lot 76
Oil on canvas painting by Alexis De Leeuw [1848-1883]
Guide: £1200-1800
Lot 77
Selection of 5 paperweights
Guide: £25-45
Lot 78
Reproduction yew wood grandmother clock with brass dial and engraved 'Nottinghamshire' H:181cm
Guide: £100-150
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Lot 79
Framed oil on canvas of 'Beautiful Angel' approx 33x38" unknown artist
Guide: £140-200
Lot 80
Framed conte titled ;Man with long hair' by Bernie O'Donnell
Guide: £90-130
Lot 81
Signed and framed rural riverside scene oil on canvas by Charles Neal (1951-). The artist has a world wide following
Guide: £450-750
Lot 82
2 snuff boxes to include 19th century horn snuff box inlaid with tortoise shell and ivory, other with Scottish agate
Guide: £80-120
Lot 83
Late Victorian Marble top mahogany washstand
Guide: £95-135
Lot 84
Classical style bronze urn marked CAIN
Guide: £150-180
Lot 85
Framed picture 'Sunset Jura' by 'V.Itipkin' [12x15]" approx
Guide: £15-35
Lot 86
Army tin helmet with chin strap
Guide: £50-70
Lot 87
Dorothy M Fairley framed oil on canvas titled 'Straw Stacks' ref artist British Museum
Guide: £260-300
Lot 88
Framed mixed media picture titled 'Orkney farmhouse' [39z56]
Guide: £50-70
More pictures
Lot 89
Framed watercolourof Hydrangeas and poppies [58x51]cm
Guide: £50-70
More pictures
Lot 90
Framed oil on board titled 'Church at Bougival [31x24]cm
Guide: £200-250
More pictures
Lot 91
Cunningham & Co Hanover Street Folding Merino opera top hat size 7 in it's original box
Guide: £40-60
Lot 92
Selection of 3 paperweights
Guide: £20-30
Lot 93
Sornford & Co jug
Guide: £65-85
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Lot 94
Glass door bookcase in light oak, with 5 adjustable shelves [from legal office]
Guide: £120-200
Lot 95
Cheetah' Raku 'figure 2001 by Brian Hollingworth
Guide: £45-65
Lot 96
Thoume Majolica oil jug. H: 20cm
Guide: £50-70
Lot 97
Framed abstract print signed 'Trembler' titled 'The wine drinkers'
Guide: £30-50
Lot 98
Lorna Bailey yellow submarine teapot from Beatles story collection
Guide: £60-70
Lot 99
Substantial Wooden sculpture on base
Guide: £220-320
Lot 100
Possibly Victorian yellow metal ring with 3 diamonds. Stamped 18ct gold and probably set with platinum. Gross: 2.7g size: P/Q
Guide: £70-90
Lot 101
Single diamond ring stamped (18ct gold and platinum)
Guide: £60-80
Lot 102
Early 20th century Aquamarine and split pearl yellow metal brooch stamped 15ct
Guide: £70-90
More pictures
Lot 103
1912 half soverign pendant
Guide: £115-140
More pictures
Lot 104
Yellow metal brilliant cut 7 stone diamond ring stamped 18ct gold
Guide: £80-120
Lot 105
9ct white gold single stone brilliant cut diamond ring. Gross: 3.78g size: M
Guide: £100-130
More pictures
Lot 106
15ct gold Peridot and split pearl brooch. Hallmark for Chester
Guide: £90-120
More pictures
Lot 107
9ct white gold chevron set diamond ring. Gross: 1.86gm size: O
Guide: £50-70
More pictures
Lot 108
Yellow metal 3 CZ stone ring. Gross: 1.84g size L/M
Guide: £25-45
More pictures
Lot 109
Yellow metal green stone and pearl set brooch (pin missing)
Guide: £25-40
More pictures
Lot 110
Victorian amethyst and pear oval brooch and other various items of jewellery
Lot 111
Impressive early Victorian silver 3 piece tea service. [Edinburgh 1837-38, James Nasmyth ] Queen Victoria Coronation Year. (Weight 1615g)
Guide: £150-200
More pictures
Lot 112
Victorian silver 3 piece tea service [Edinburgh] (weight 736g)
Guide: £150-200
More pictures
Lot 113
Pair of Georgian silver table salts [London 1817-18, Joseph Angell] ( weight 255g)
Guide: £80-120
More pictures
Lot 114
Georgian silver sugar sifter [London 1760-61, Samuel Wood] year of George III coronation (weight 88g)
Guide: £100-150
More pictures
Lot 115
Silver sugar shaker hallmarked Sheffield 1935
Guide: £55-75
Lot 116
Yellow metal amethyst ring stamped 9ct. Gross weight: 4g
More pictures
Lot 117
Yellow metal bar brooch with blue centre stone. Stamped 9ct to back total weight: 2.7g
More pictures
Lot 118
Boxed 'The Flying Scotsman' watch with certificate
More pictures
Lot 119
Yellow metal duo line with plain bar detail diamond bracelet
Guide: £320-350
More pictures
Lot 120
17 jewel Eivang watch with hallmarked 9ct gold strap
More pictures
Lot 121
Scottish clan badge "Per Mare Per Terras"
Guide: £35-50
Lot 122
King-Baumen boxed watch
Guide: £130-170
Lot 123
George Battison death plaque in envelope
Guide: £120-170
Lot 124
Ceromonial Scottish dagger
Guide: £120-170
Lot 125
2 Victorian pocket watches 1 hallmarked Birmingham silver
Guide: £70-90
More pictures
Lot 126
1940's ladies 9ct gold wristwatch with expanding bracelet
Guide: £100-150
More pictures
Lot 127
Indian silver perfumer with pierced decoration of elephants and scrolling foliage inscribed Mary and Colwyn (stamped 925) W: 108g
Guide: £110-180
Lot 128
Small golfing print "The Bunker"
Lot 129
Pair of plated salad spoons wiith bone handles
Guide: £40-60
Lot 130
2 pages to include 2 sketches and letter by Alberto Morrocco (OBE RSA RSW 1917-1998) [25x20]cm
Guide: £250-300
More pictures
Lot 131
Gold nugget in native rock
Guide: £110-170
More pictures
Lot 132
9ct yellow gold diamond and moonstone ring. W:3.6g gross Size W
Guide: £50-70
More pictures
Lot 133
3 rings to include hallmarked Chester gold band with central diamond. Size P, stamped 18 and 2 other rings. Gross weight: 5.3g
Guide: £150-200
More pictures
Lot 134
Edwardian Gilt pier mirror
Guide: £85-125
Lot 135
2 Hallmarked Birmingham yellow gold rings both stamped 18 to include ruby and pearl size H and 3 stone garnet ring with scrolling shoulers size O. Gross weight: 3gm
Guide: £90-120
More pictures
Lot 136
9ct yellow gold amethyst set ring. W: 2.1g gross Size S/T
Guide: £40-60
More pictures
Lot 137
Pair of 'Half Farthing; 1843 enamelled cufflinks
Guide: £95-125
More pictures
Lot 138
Box Set Of Stud Earrings
Guide: £10-20
Lot 139
Vintage charm bracelet stamped silver including various heart pendants
Guide: £90-120
Lot 140
9ct yellow gold rope twist chain. Weight: 6.5g gross
Guide: £80-100
More pictures
Lot 141
French 1886 pattern bayonet having tapering cruciform blade, hooked quillon and white metal grip. Has scabbard and leather frog. Blade length: 52cm. Bayonet length: 64cm
Guide: £145-175
More pictures
Lot 142
USA M1917 sword bayonet having fullered blade with ricasso stamped US 1913 7 17 (July 1917) and wood grip complete with scabbard and belt hook. Blade length: 43cm. Bayonet length: 55cm
Guide: £80-120
More pictures
Lot 143
French 1866 pattern chassepot sword bayonet having fullered T-Form yataghan blade with hook quillion, brass grip and edge marked for St Etienne February 1868. With scabbard. Blade length: 75cm. Bayonet length: 70cm
Guide: £70-90
More pictures
Lot 144
British 1856/58 pattern sword bayonet having fullered yataghan blade with ricasso bearing helmeted Knight and hatched grip. Blade length: 43cm. Bayonet length: 71cm
Guide: £70-90
More pictures
Lot 145
British 1913 pattern P13 sword bayonet having fullered blade with ricasso stamped REMINGTON 1913 6 17 (June 1917) and wood grip. With scabbard. Blade length: 43cm. Bayonet length: 64cm
Guide: £75-95
More pictures
Lot 146
Burmese Dha sword with curving T-form blade, shagreen grip and scabbard. Blade length: 59cm. Sword length: 79cm
Guide: £90-120
More pictures
Lot 147
Pair of Russian 7 c 30 binoculars. No 930265
Guide: £80-100
More pictures
Lot 148
Boxed set of 6 cross golf silver spoons with Sheffield hallmark
Guide: £60-80
More pictures
Lot 149
White gold ladies wedding ring stamped 14k
Guide: £75-105
More pictures
Lot 150
Hallmarked 1916 Birmingham silver bag with engraved floral/florite sprays (97.2gms)
Guide: £50-70
More pictures
Lot 151
EP and glass candlestick
Lot 152
EP and glass candlestick
Lot 153
Mixed lot to include Mahogany stool, desk tidy and a scope box
More pictures
Lot 154
Tiffany style patterned ceiling lampshade
Lot 155
Framed pastel still life [approx 70x60]cm
Lot 156
Small Tiffany style lamp
Lot 156.1
Tiffany style ceiling light shade
Lot 157
Selection of vintage walking sticks
Lot 158
Selection of 5 collectable wall plates mainly 'Mother Goose' series by John McClelland
Lot 159
Paragon part tea set 'Country Lane' design, 8 cup etc
Lot 160
Optus model no 94-5700 with interchangable lenses and tripod
Lot 161
Set of bakeware pottery to include jug and 4 cups
Lot 162
Japanese style dinner service
Lot 163
Pair of stained glass shades with pressed flower decoration
Lot 164
Art Deco stained glass shade
Lot 165
2 vintage carpet beaters and Edwardian carpet beater
Lot 166
Selection of china to include Colclough cup and saucer, Ansley cup and saucer
Lot 167
Selection of brass to include candleabra and snuffer
Lot 168
Selection of Onyx to include pair of candle holders and Onyx egg on stand
Lot 169
Selection of metalware to include copper case
Lot 170
Taxidermy fox head
Lot 171
Glass fruit bowl
Lot 172
2 elephant ornaments
Lot 173
A Mickey Mouse alarm clock and Mickey Mouse savings bank circa 1970's
Guide: £10-20
Lot 174
Five French Vanne crystal ashtrays in form of animals
Lot 175
Framed watercolour of a 'Walk by a castle'
Guide: £15-25
Lot 176
Selection of pictures to include 1 of horses and a fox
Guide: £15-10
Lot 177
Set of 3 oriental design brass trays and 4 brass dishes
Guide: £15-20
Lot 178
Small golfing print 'The bunker'
Lot 179
Cast Iron Boot scrape
Guide: £35-55
Lot 180
Baxter print of Burns and his Highland Mary
Lot 181
Decorative tea set
Guide: £20-30
Lot 182
Selection of vintage walking sticks
Lot 183
Sanyo hifi system
Lot 184
Cockerel door stop and bag of marbles (some really old)
Lot 185
'Crate amplifier model: BX50DLX
Lot 186
Framed watercolour by John Aubrey of dancer and 'Street games'
Guide: £20-30
Lot 187
Framed Aubrey double sketches in watercolour
Guide: £25-45
Lot 188
Oil on canvas ,'Harbour Scene'
Guide: £15-20
Lot 189
Regimental Pair of framed military pictures of the 'Scots Greys'
Guide: £15-25
Lot 190
Framed 1815 print of regiment of Horse Guards [Blues]
Guide: £15-25
Lot 191
Franklite 6 light ceiling pendant RRP £800
Guide: £110-130
Lot 192
Laurel & Hardy figurine with Policeman
Guide: £15-30
Lot 193
Framed watercolour of a beach scene
Lot 194
2 Antique Scottish framed prints
Guide: £10-20
Lot 195
Abstract oil on canvas
Lot 195.1
Selection of china to include Ashworth triangular dish, Ridgways dish and blue and white vegatable tureen
Lot 195.2
Selection of glassware to include 2 soda syphons and selection of glasses
Lot 195.3
Selection of willow pattern plates to include hot plate, ashettes etc
Lot 195.4
Selection of china to include Ducal ware vase, Royal Cauldon jar, Mason's vase, continental plates etc
Lot 195.5
Selection of china to include blue and white ashette etc
Lot 195.6
Tetley tea pottery biscuit barrel in shape of van and spare Tetley tea lid
Lot 195.7
Cut glass 6 piece table set including tray
Lot 196
Bag of 4 size 3 Thomas Taylor wooden bowls [stamped TR]
Lot 197
Marmet buggy pram circa 1960
Lot 198
Framed print of Peebles
Lot 199
Mixed Box With 2 Picture Clocks And 8 Fabulous Picture (Prints)
Guide: £15-25
Lot 200
Brass fire dogs and companion set
Guide: £20-30
Lot 201
Vintage Lego set
Lot 202
Subbuteo table soccer, club edition
More pictures
Lot 203
Porshe GT 'Scaletrix' boxed set
More pictures
Lot 204
Large Highland stoneware pottery cheese dish in poppy design
Lot 205
Large selection of Brio traintrack, tunnel, shed etc
Lot 206
Set of 6 crystal wine glasses and a pair of crystal tankards, 2 other glasses and a vase
Lot 207
Barbola mirror
Lot 208
Floral porcelain coffee set
Lot 209
Santorini pencil drawing 'The Rim Dawn' [faint signature]
More pictures
Lot 210
Dual mortar carry case marked 'Cont No 373 Mk1 CHL 1968'
More pictures
Lot 211
Framed watercolour by Carola Gordon 'A view from Dean village' [15x6.5]cm picture size with Open Eye gallery label verso
Guide: £70-110
More pictures
Lot 212
Eight point deer antlers and skull
Guide: £60-80
Lot 213
Urn shaped double handled lamp base
Lot 214
Chinese design lampbase
More pictures
Lot 215
2 Nursery ryme Pewter mugs
Lot 216
Tailers scissor set in case
Lot 217
Framed print of serene pier scene
Lot 218
Set Of 3 May Fare graduated sized jugs
Guide: £5-10
Lot 219
Lustreware figure of Rainbow Trout stamped Holland Height 11 cm
Guide: £10-15
Lot 220
Brass teapot with amber style handle
Lot 221
Framed mixed media picture by 'Carola Gordon' titled 'Stockbridge Colonies' [22x17]cm
Guide: £90-130
Lot 222
Two Disney table lamps 'Goofy' and 'Pooh and friends' H: 38cm
Lot 223
Pair of gilt framed butterfly pictures signed Eve Foote
Guide: £15-20
Lot 224
Stoneware jar and cover and a carving of a Inuit
Guide: £20-40
Lot 225
Framed limited edition print of Arabian port scene with Ihson Al Khateeb on back panel [no 66 of 370]
More pictures
Lot 226
Framed wattercolour of a landscape with Daises by David Graham
Guide: £40-60
Lot 227
Framed print of lady in evening dress
Lot 228
2 Oval trays, 1 metal 1 wooden
Lot 229
Table top mangle
Lot 230
Royal Cauldron part dinner set
Guide: £10-15
Lot 231
Small wooden box of Edradour whisky
Lot 232
'Pirelli' 1992 calander in original box
Lot 232.1
Pirelli 1995 collectors 'Seasons' calander by Richard Avedon
More pictures
Lot 233
Boxed Olympia Traveller deluxe S type writer
Lot 234
Silver topped toilet jar and 4 other white metal topped jars (most hallmarked silver), salt and pepper stamped Sterling
More pictures
Lot 235
Three studio pottery vases and frog salt and pepper set
Guide: £30-50
Lot 236
Mixed box including table lamp, dog figurine etc
Lot 237
2 Vintage games
Guide: £5-10
Lot 238
Mixed lot of EP to include EP wine cooler, candleabra, table pheasants etc
Lot 239
Victorian oval wall mirror
Lot 240
Rosewood box
More pictures
Lot 241
Clay head
Lot 242
Mixed lot of lamps to include salt rock lamp, West German lamp and blue stone lamp
Lot 243
Lot 244
Oil on canvas of French country side style scene (unsigned)
Guide: £20-30
Lot 245
Framed watercolour on canvas of Mediterranean country scene signed 'William McCarthy
Guide: £10-15
Lot 246
'Shell ' boxed Corgi style cars
Guide: £20-30
Lot 247
White enamel bread bin
Lot 248
White metal Jaguar topped walking stick
Guide: £25-30
More pictures
Lot 249
Framed watercolour 'Garden Gate' signed 'J Ford'